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Life Beneath the Dead Sea

For several years now, ripples appearing on the Dead Sea’s surface have started speculations that there are certain strange things happening underneath its waters. However, because of the fact that water accidentally ingested when diving here could cause asphyxiation, there ...more

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1,000 Nude Israelis at Spencer Tunick’s “Naked Sea”

It has certainly been an unforgettable September, as 1,000 Israelis took their protest movement to the Dead Sea, completely naked. Amid disapproval from Israel’s Orthodox Shas party and other religious organizations, American artist Spencer Tunick carried on with his art ...more

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The Coffee Sleeve Campaign for the Dead Sea

The Tourism Ministry of Israel has discovered the best way to reach out to voters in New York through their favorite spot, the Coffee Sleeve, for the Dead Sea’s campaign in the New Seven Wonders of the World competition. The ...more

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Lifestyle Guru, Martha Stewart, to Visit the Dead Sea

The Tourism Ministry of Israel has invited lifestyle guru, Martha Stewart to visit Israel, journeying through Masada, Galilee, and Tel Aviv, to show her support for the Dead Sea, which is a candidate for the Seven Natural Wonders of the ...more

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Text Messaging Campaign Begins to Encourage Dead Sea Votes

A nationwide text messaging campaign has been launched by the Ministry of Tourism as in line with promoting the Dead Sea and its being voted in the New 7 Wonders of Nature worldwide competition. According to Haifa Abu Ghazaleh, Minister ...more

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Special Prices in Celebration of the Dead Sea Nomination as New Seven Wonders of Nature Contender

The Jordan Tourism Board or JTB is starting a campaign of “100 Days of Giveaways,” this in line with its efforts of promoting Jordan via social media, and especially to support the nomination of the Dead Sea as one of ...more

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The Dead Sea: Official Contender of the New Seven Wonders of Nature

According to the Tourism and Antiquities Agency of Jordan, the Dead Sea is officially being voted upon as contender for the New Seven Wonders of Nature. A statement issued by Jordan’s Ministry of Tourism declared that the Dead Sea’s nomination ...more

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Bills for Dead Sea Rescue

This week, bills that have been instigated by the Union for Environmental Defense of Israel will be submitted by MK Dove Khenin (Hadash) together with other MKs to control the business operations of Israel Chemical Ltd unit Dead Sea Works. ...more

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